001_specifications for lounge spaces
Reviews selections and finishes for lounge areas at an academic project. Specifications were for the purchasing agent to price, and the visual documents would have been shared with the clients as well.

002_purchasing agent coordination
For a small commercial project I had little time to develop and execute, I relied on the purchasing agent to develop floor plans and renderings for the clients based on my sketches and specifications— the client had an existing relationship with a purchasing agent, so I was able to ask more of them as they were guaranteed the business from the start of the project. A great exercise in resource management. These show some of our back-and-forth on their plans, and my finish specifications.

003_specification package
Specifications for pricing on an academic project. I removed the cut sheets from this particular PDF to cut down the page count. These would have been provided to the purchasing agent along with a set of plans— for this project, the client had a preferred vendor (Supply Source) with a negotiated state discount on several manufacturers (for instance, Herman Miller), so I made an effort to use product lines subject to the most potential cost savings.

004_cost tracking
For client reference as a project develops to help in tracking costs. I would have run this schedule out of Revit, where I would include finish information as part of each furniture component so that the pricing updates as the plans develop. This is also a great way to develop budgets using list pricing and any anticipated discounts ahead of any actual pricing from purchasing agents.

005_bid tracking with plans and inventory
Smaller project bid to several purchasing agents shows cost tracking for client reference and plans / schedules exported from Revit. From our conversation Thursday, I believe the project we discussed will go through preferred vendors; specification development is quite different when a project goes to bid, where it’s more an exercise in safe-guarding the design intentions of the firm. Depending on the involvement of the client in VE on the project we discussed, this could also be a skill set germane to development of specifications sent to a single purchasing agent.