partnering with commercial and academic clients

Commercial and academic clients often look to their relationships with manufacturer and dealership contacts to compile furnishing orders. Since these resources may have established interests in the specification of certain pieces over others, limitations in what purchases they can and cannot facilitate, or constraints on the resources and attention they are able to devote to design, the resulting installations can be lacking in layout, style, and building coordination. Tasks such as developing an inventory that may fall to members of the client team can be disruptive to existing professional obligations.

An interior designer enlisted to consult on proposed orders can represent client interests independent of manufacturer constraints: assisting in the development of initial design ideas and specifications, providing feedback on dealership and manufacturer presentations, and helping clients integrate existing furnishings into a new order in a cohesive way.

suggested assistance

+  client surveys and inventory development
+  design work sessions
+  group and public presentations
+  furniture plans and inventory
+  furniture and electrical coordination
+  schematic and detailed order specifications
+  dealership presentation review
+  bid management and review
+  installation management of new and existing furnishings