teaching  senior undergraduate commercial interior design

Marywood University, 2015



As an adjunct professor working with undergraduates approaching graduation, I began the studio with a portfolio review for each student to determine gaps in their range of skills, and adjusted requirements for each project given vulnerabilities in their work samples.

Throughout the semester we focused on sketching and hand drafting, conceptual work, historical precedence, accurate specifications, and complete presentation drawing sets.

The main semester project was an open-plan advertising agency, designed in order to focus on programmatic and spatial flexibility in contemporary commercial interiors and to develop specification skills that would benefit the students in a professional environment.

As an ancillary to this project, the class completed a bid document of a systems furniture workstation bay and private office. Some of the more successful bid documents were sent to local dealerships, which priced the designs and came in to review their strengths and weaknesses with the students.


hand drawing  redesign studio workspace


concept work  advertising agency


systems furniture  workstation bid document


final projects  advertising agency